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MLTS Management Plan

Town of Mammoth Lakes Trail System Master Plan - 2011

The Trail System Master Plan was adopted by the Mammoth Lakes Town Council on October 19, 2011 along with the certification of its EIR. In 2006, MLTPA initiated planning efforts for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System including the funding and development of a new Trail System Master Plan.

Town Council Agenda Bill - February 1, 2012

As recommended by the Trail System Master Plan, the Town Council approved a resolution to formalize a high level of interagency cooperation with the USFS to plan, design, implement, construct, operate, maintain, and promote an integrated year-round Mammoth Lakes Trail System.

USFS MOU for Mammoth Lakes Trail System - June 11, 2013

The MOU documents the necessary cooperation to create an enhanced trails-based recreational experience through a program of physical trails improvements; integrated wayfinding and interpretation using traditional and contemporary communication formats; and continuing system maintenance.

USFS MOU for Mammoth Lakes Trail System Website

The purpose of this MOU is to document the necessary cooperation between the USFS and the Town of Mammoth Lakes to maintain and operate an interactive web and mobile data product,, that complements the Mammoth Lakes Trail System.

MLTPA Memorandum of Understanding (MLTPA MOU)

The MLTPA MOU established a working public/private cooperative framework, or collaborative planning process, directed toward the establishment and maintenance of a system of public trails providing reasonable access to and enjoyment of public lands that are both within and surround the Town.

Inaugural Documents of Authority - November 2011

MLTPA produced the "Inaugural Documents of Authority" to inform the management program for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System and the USFS / Town MOUs. Elements include: "MLTS Assets"; "Intellectual Property"; "Governance"; and "Operations and Maintenance".

Mammoth Lakes Trail System Atlas - October 2011

MLTPA produced the "Mammoth Lakes Trail System Atlas", a reference guide for trails and nodes in the Mammoth Lakes Trail System. Included are Town of Mammoth Lakes trails and nodes; Inyo National Forest non-Wilderness and Wilderness trails and nodes, and trails in regional Wilderness areas.

RECSTRATS I - November, 2010

The Town Council voted unanimously to participate in RECSTRATS, funded by MLTPA, to deliver a recreation vision and strategy for Mammoth Lakes while also identifying opportunities that might be realized by formalizing the Town's relationship with the Inyo National Forest.

RECSTRATS II - October, 2011

Subsequent to the final approval of RecStrats by the Town Council, the Town's Recreation Commission requested the development of an implementation plan for the strategies outlined in the RecStrats Plan. The Town contracted Strategic Marketing Group (SMG) in early 2011.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan - 2012

The Town's Parks and Recreation Master Plan contains multiple goals and objectives for trails, including: "Ensure that the Town’s parks and recreation facilities will become part of an integrated system that encompasses parks, activity centers, trails, and access to public lands around Mammoth Lakes."

Town of Mammoth Lakes General Plan - 2007

The Town's General Plan contains a number of goals and policies that supported the development of the new Trail System Master Plan, including "P.3. GOAL: Create a Master Plan for an integrated trail system that will maintain and enhance convenient public access to public lands from town."

Town of Mammoth Lakes General Plan: Trail Citations

MLTPA identified goals and policies from the Town's General Plan in support of Trails and Recreation including citations from the Parks, Open Space and Recreation, Mobility, Land Use, Neighborhood and District Character, Community Design, and Arts, Culture, Heritage and Natural History elements.

Trail System Plan - 1991

The Town's first Trail System Master Plan (1991) identified ".... a trail inventory, relying heavily on unofficial privately held, disjointed trail segments or on Inyo National Forest trails adjacent to the Town.... as the catalyst for bringing these trail segments into a more refined trail system."

Inyo National Forest: Forest Management Plan Update

A new Inyo National Forest Plan management plan went into effect on November 24th, 2019. It is the guiding direction for the Inyo National Forest, replacing the 1988 land management plan and its amendments. Sustainable Outdoor Recreation is one of three primary pillars of the final plan.

Management Direction for Sierra Wildernesses - 2001

This document presents decision for joint wilderness management for the Ansel Adams, John Muir and Dinkey Lakes Wildemesses and includes nonsignificant amendments to the land and resource management plans for the Sierra and Inyo National Forests in California.

USFS Special Use Permit for Multi-Use Pathways (MUPs)

The purpose of this USFS MOU is for the Town to operate and maintain a number of multi-use paths on the Mammoth Lakes Trail System including the "...the Meridian Trail Segment, the Mammoth Creek Park Segment II, the Shady Rest Trail Segment... " and several others.

USFS Standard Specs for Trails: September - 1996

The Standard Trail Plans and Specifications reflect current Forest Service trail management efforts and the agency’s Trails Data Dictionary for constructed features. The Forest Service’s National Technology and Development Program developed them in conjunction with the agency’s National Trails Program.

Mono County Economic Impact Report - 2008

Mono County produced a "Study of the Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Mono County Tourism and Visitor Profile for fiscal year 2008" that helped "making the case" for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System. The findings and conclusions represent tourism activity during 2007-08.

MLTS Economic Impact Model - 2011

Download the Mammoth Lakes Trail System "Economic Impact Model" which provided an analysis of the economic value of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System and was included in MLTPA's Measure R Fall 2011 application in support of trail system services.

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