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Mammoth Lakes Trail System Governance

Project description: On March 18, 2015, the Mammoth Lakes Town Council voted 4-0 (with Council Member and MLTPA Board President John Wentworth recused) on agenda item #13, to “Approve the Mammoth Lakes Recreation (MLR) Key Agreements for implementation of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System (MLTS) Coordination." These four key agreements include: a Statement of Shared Values; MLTS Central Point Oversight and Policy Structure; MLTS Scope of Tasks; and Trails Coordination Funding and Scope of Contract. The complete document is available for download below, along with a presentation to the MLR Board of Directors that describes the process for governance and oversight.  

Mammoth Lakes Recreation: As stated in the staff report for the Town Council’s agenda item, The Mammoth Lakes Trails System is a project deliverable for Mammoth Lakes Recreation (MLR), which directs MLR to “Collaborate with the Town and partners on providing recommendations to Town Council for the continuation, prioritization, implementation, and design of programs and services to support the Mammoth Lakes Trail System…" The staff report continues: "While MLR, through its Mammoth Trails Committee, will provide work program oversight and recommendations, the specific project details will be identified and implemented at a staff level, with appropriate contracts coming to Council when required. The proposed structure is designed to allow a smaller group with clear responsibilities (i.e. the Mammoth Trails Committee) to focus on development of policy direction, to allow a focus on implementation of larger capital projects and trails programs, establish a focus on leveraging funding and to complete their strategic direction work and recommendations.”

The Mammoth Trails Committee meets regularly as a public body.  Please visit the Town of Mammoth Lakes website to access their meeting agendas and for detailed meeting information.

Town Council Agenda Item #13 - March 18, 2015

The Town Council approved Key Agreements provided by the MLR Board related to the Mammoth Lakes Trail System Coordination Work Program and authorized the Town Manager to draft and execute a contract with MLTPA for services as outlined and defined in the Key Agreements.

Presentation to MLR Board of Directors

Role of MLR's Mammoth Trails Committee: "To ensure the effective, efficient and timely implementation of the Town of Mammoth Lakes’ component of the Mammoth Lakes Trails System, the MLTS program will be coordinated at a central point which will be accountable for MLTS Program outcomes."

Town + USFS Agreement for Mammoth Lakes Trail System

The Town of Mammoth Lakes and the U.S. Forest Service signed a Non-Funded Challenge Cost Share Agreement in 2016 that outlines how the two jurisdictions will work together to implement the vision for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System as articulated in the Town's Trail System Mater Plan.

Trail System Master Plan - 2011

Visit MLTPA's download page for the Town of Mammoth Lakes Trail System Master Plan (TSMP) which was adopted by the Town of Mammoth Lakes in 2011. The TSMP updated the Town’s 1991 Trails Plan and is the result of the Concept and Master Planning, or CAMP, process initiated by MLTPA in 2007.

Mammoth Lakes Trail System Jurisdictional Map

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System encompasses a number of regional jurisdictions. Download multiple pages of maps including Nodes, Partner Trails, Support Facilities, Inyo National Forest Roads, Statistics, and identified jurisdictions that overlap with the Mammoth Lakes Trail System.

Last Updated February 6, 2024