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Image Library

Project Description: Since the inception of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System, digital images have been used to capture trail conditions, stewardship events, and other information for communication and informational purposes. Many of these images are used on to accompany trails, destinations, activities, and experiences. Since 2005, more than 80,000 individual photos have entered the MLTS Image Library, with more being added every season. To protect the safety and usability of the database, strict data management protocols have been put in place to create a secure, well-indexed database. An additional read-only copy of the photo library is hosted on a private Flickr account for use by trail system partners, allowing users to find and select images without directly accessing the library. This ensures all photographic master files remain protected and organized, maximizing ease of use for all parties. For more information, download the workflow document below or contact the MLTPA Photo Librarian at


Download a complete set of instructions and information for all hardware and software tools used in the Image Library.

Last updated June 22, 2023