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Website Operations & Maintenance

Project Description: In August of 2012, working under contract to the Town of Mammoth Lakes using Measure R funds, MLTPA delivered to the Town a sophisticated website application for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System. Currently live at, the website was built on an open source platform and is designed to be accessible to all contemporary information devices – computers, tablets, and smartphones – using responsive design.  Included with the website were over 200+ pages of web content, including Trails, Destinations, Activities and Experiences and a “Website Handbook” documenting all aspects of the website, including it’s technical operations and protocols for developing new content.  The website includes integration with the Mammoth Lakes Trail System's “on the ground” signage and wayfinding and interpretive programs through a QR code program embedded into onsite signage. 

Project Update: In the Fall of 2012, working under guidelines established through an MOU between the Town and the US Forest Service, MLTPA was awarded a contract to manage the Mammoth Lakes Trail System website under protocols established and documented in the “Website Handbook”.  The partners who work together to manage the website’s content – including the Town of Mammoth Lakes, the US Forest Service, and Mammoth Lakes Tourism – meet on a seasonal basis to review changes to the website’s content as the seasons change.  In 2013, MLTPA developed and delivered an additional 190+ pages of content working under contract to the Town using Measure R funds and working in close cooperation with the US Forest Service. Visitor traffic to the website has increased dramatically over time, with annual visitation closing in on 100,000 sessions from 75,000 unique users accessing 280,000 different pages of the website.

Visit the Official Website of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System

All of the information you need to enjoy the trails, destinations, activities and experiences of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System is available at a partnered effort of the Town of Mammoth Lakes and the US Forest Service.

Download and review the TOML/USFS MOU for

In June of 2013, the Town of Mammoth Lakes and the USFS executed an MOU to memorialize the “….cooperation between the (two) parties to maintain and operate an interactive web and mobile data product,”

Download the Current Inventory of MLTS Web Pages

Download and review the current inventory of all 300+ web pages that are hosted on the, the official website of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System. All web pages are documented, including those that may not currently be “live”.

Download the Experience Creation Worksheet

Do you have an “Experience” on the Mammoth Lakes Trail System that you’d like to share? Download and review the “Experience Interview Worksheet” to find out how and visit this page on for more info.

Mammoth Lakes Trail System Website Handbook

Documentation of the website, including technical specs, content creation protocols, and much more, can be found in the “Mammoth Lakes Trail System Website Handbook”. For more information, send an email to the webmaster on the page linked above.

This page last updated on April 9, 2015