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Mammoth Lakes Trail System


Planning on the Mammoth Lakes Trails System happens in many ways. Strategic master plans, such as the Trail System Master Plan initiated by MLTPA, collaborative efforts in the Sherwins, and environmental review under CEQA and NEPA have all helped grow a sustainable and vibrant trail system.


Standards for consistent design across the Mammoth Lakes Trail System are documented in the Standards Manual for signage and wayfinding for multi-use pathways and soft surface trails. Trail alignment studies proactively anticipate corridors for new trails identified in planning efforts.


Implementation of projects recommended by planning efforts on the Mammoth Lakes Trail include the construction of multi-use pathways and soft surface trails along with their supporting infrastructure, while securing easements for public access and completing focused environmental review.


Operations on the Mammoth Lakes Trail System are overseen through its governance program and management plan. Its online presense, through, and its digital support infrastructure help to keep the Mammoth Lakes Trail System easily accessible to the public.


Year round and ongoing maintenance of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System happens through the Town's Public Works and Recreation Departments and trail crews managed by the Town's Office of Outdoor Recreation, which include winter grooming programs in Shady Rest and the Sherwins.


Stewardship of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System got underway even before the System was formally established in 2012. Volunteer efforts include Mammoth Trails, a confederation of user groups, an adopt-a-trail program, a host program, and Trails Days, initiated by Friends of the Inyo and MLTPA in 2009.

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and experience promotion on the Mammoth Lakes Trail System through its website at are enhanced through standardized brand guidelines and trail maps, guides, and handouts that advocate for sustainable and responsible recreation by, and for, all trail users.

Last updated August 24, 2023