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Camp: Summer

Project Description: The first of two large-scale public meetings organized and produced by MLTPA as part of the public-outreach campaign for the Concept and Master Planning (CAMP) process, CAMP: SUMMER (November 1-4, 2007) attracted well over 150 participants to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area's Canyon Lodge for four days of workshops, guided tours, and presentations from the consultants hired by the Town of Mammoth Lakes to update its Trail System Master Plan. Public input on summertime outdoor recreation activities gathered during this event -- 22 sessions in all! -- were the first step in CAMP’s commitment to exploring the full range of year-round trail-based recreation activities to be considered and analyzed as part of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Trail System Master Plan update. CAMP: WINTER followed CAMP: SUMMER in February 2008.


Review exhaustive and complete documentation of CAMP: SUMMER as the full report, or in these individual chapters from MLTPA's ""CAMP: SUMMER - Public Meeting and Outreach Documentation"" report:


Check out the official CAMP: SUMMER Poster, Postcard, Event Schedule Board, and Partners Board.


Visit the CAMP: SUMMER Photo Gallery.

Last updated October 3, 2023