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Our Supporters 2022

Bristlecone Pine

Champion the durability of the world's oldest trees, growing at high altitudes in arid regions, that stand as pillars of nature's strength and resilience.

  • George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth

Sierra Juniper: $2,500

Grows at 10,000 feet and above. Enduring dweller of rocky crags and cliffs that anchors their roots in the most inhospitable conditions and thrive.

California Red Fir: $1,000

Grows at 6,000 feet and above. Tall, stately trees often grow close together forming a shady canopy for cool, moist nesting spots below.

Jeffrey Pine: $500

Grows at 5,000 feet and above. A rugged pine with a spreading crown that reaches high into the sky.

  • Scott Rapp

  • Kimberly and Eric Taylor

  • Heidi and Derek Johnson

Quaking Aspen Grove: $100

Grows at 5,000 feet and above. A colorful tree with leaves that flutter in the wind, groves called ‘clones’ in reference to their shared root systems.

Big Sagebrush: $50

Grows at 5,000 feet and above. Provides food and shelter for many species of animals and forms the basis of ecosystems across the Great Basin.

Recurring Donors

Jeffrey's Shooting Star: $25

Evening Snow: $10

Last Updated April 11, 2024