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California Proposition 68

MLTPA has joined forces with local partners and the statewide campaign coalition “YES on 68!” to raise awareness, educate the public, and collect endorsements for California's Proposition 68.

Proposition 68, The California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act, is a $4 billion California bond measure that will be on the June 5, 2018 California ballot. Your support of this proposition will help direct these bond monies to the Eastern Sierra. Proposition 68 will direct $160 million to state conservancies, which includes $30 million directly to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy for eligible projects in our own backyard. 

Proposition 68 needs your endorsement.  Please review the materials below outlining the many specific benefits this bill will have for our state and local parks, clean water, open spaces and sustainable recreation. You can then download the endorsement form, fill it out, and send it via email to or fax to 916.720.0331.

If you have any further questions or would like more information on Proposition 68, please email MLTPA and we can talk directly, or you can reach out to Adam Little, Local Regional Representative for the Proposition 68 Campaign, via email at

Yes on 68: Endorsement Form

Joining this broad, bipartisan coalition of conservation groups, local park advocates, water experts, and business organizations means you or your organization can be listed as an endorser of the California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act.

Yes on 68: Overview

Our State is facing frequent and severe droughts, wildfires, the impacts of climate change, and a lack of support from the federal government to protect our water and natural areas. Now more than ever, California must take responsibility to protect our own unique natural resources.

Yes on 68: Investment Priorities

Have a look at the investment priorities for $4 billion dollars that will be generated by Prop 68 should it be approved by the Voters on June 5, 2018

Yes on 68: Open Space and Conservation

Prop 68 includes critical investments to our open spaces, coast, forests and other natural areas where families hike, camp, swim and play. The Clean Water and Safe Parks Act specifically addresses the impact of climate change, and a lack of access to parks, open space and clean water for underserved communities.

Yes on 68: Fire, Flood and Natural Resource Protection

At a time when California faces more frequent and severe droughts, damaging wildfires, floods and the impacts of climate change, Prop 68 invests in safeguarding our natural resources and preparing for future challenges and natural disasters.

Yes on 68: Clean, Safe Drinking Water

Prop 68 makes critical investments to protect our water quality and supplies. It takes a smart efficient approach—investing in capturing and recycling more water locally, cleaning up groundwater that was severely damaged in the last drought, and protecting the land, rivers, lakes and streams that are the sources of our drinking water.