Bike Lane Paint Test

Project Description: Inspired by reports of bicycle facilities in other towns, news of a "Complete Streets" effort by the State of California, and a random trip to New York City, MLTPA got together with the Town of Mammoth Lakes in October 2008 to produce a Bike Lane Paint Test. "Ride A Way" bike lane material was rolled onto about 450 feet of Minaret Boulevard in an existing Class II bike lane. How will a product that's good enough for New York City stand up to winter plows and Sierra Cement? Stay tuned!


Find the exact location of the Bike Lane Paint Test with this handy map.

Check out the MLTPA Photo Gallery of the Bike Lane Paint Test, including images of the bike lanes in New York City.

Read the official press release from the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the "Ride A Way" bike lane products, courtesy of the manufacturer, Integrated Paving Concepts:

Here's a link to all the information about the "Complete Streets" effort by the State of California:

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